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Wonders of the Cosmos: Planetarium Show: Hull Science Festival, National Astronomy Meeting Schools Day

Origin of the Elements: Wyke Sixth Form College

What Makes the Milky Way? Pint of Science 2017

The Secret History of Galaxies: Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Planetarium Event at “The Launch” (an event with Astronaut Michael Foale)

Famelab regional final (2017): “The role of bananas in continental drift”

Famelab heat 1 (2017): “How many calories are their in a starburst (galaxy)”

What Atoms tell us about Galaxies: Pint of Science 2016, Cafe Scientifique (Scunthorpe), West Yorkshire Astronomy Society, Cafe Scientifique (Beverley), Doncaster Astronomical Society, Hull and East Riding Astronomical Society.

FameLab regional final (2016): “Gravitational Waves with a Slinky!” (runner up and audience favourite)

FameLab heat 1 (2016): “The History of the Periodic Table from the Big Bang until Last December”


Recovering Abundance Ratios and Supernovae Rates with Numerical Chemodynamics- for The Low-Metallicity ISM: Chemistry, Turbulence and Magnetic Fields conference (2012)

RAMSES-CH: A New Chemodynamics Code- for Galactic Archaeology: Near-Field Cosmology and the Formation of the Milky Way (2011)

Finding Galactic Needles in a Cosmic Haystack- for UCLan’s Graduate School Conference