Simulation Projects



Alice – A visualisation code for gadget and ramses
YT Project – Astrophysical simulation analysis
VAPOR - Data visualisation software for large data sets.

Miscellaneous Tools and Tips

AstroBetter – Tips and tricks for profession astronomers
Web Plot Digitizer – A nice little web tool for extracting points from plots
Rainbow colour table – Some good reasons why the rainbow colour table is an awful choice
PGPLOT - Fortran plotting library
SUNRISE – Monte-Carlo Radiation Transfer
rdramses – extract information from a ramses run
pymses - python modules for ramses
sequimago – stitch images into movies without quicktime

Initial Conditions

Multiscale – IC generator by Hahn and Abel
DICE – IC generator for isolated disks in Gadget and RAMSES
Project Horizon – RAMSES 3.0, MPGRAFIC and POWMES
MUSIC – Cosmological IC generator